Each year RISE presents an award to an individual who exemplifies the life work of Dr. Martin L. Block, an expert in the risk adjustment industry who had a passion to improve patient care. This year RISE National will forgo the traditional criteria of the award and present it in honor of health care professionals within our affiliated provider networks who contracted and died from COVID-19.

Health care providers have been on the front lines of the novel coronavirus and risk their lives daily as they care for patients with COVID-19. These workers include but are not limited to doctors, nurses, paramedics and EMTs, medical technicians, pharmacists, behavioral health workers, food service workers, and environmental service workers.

RISE wants to honor their memories at RISE National, our annual event that will be held virtually this year June 29-30. The tribute will be in place of the traditional Block award, which historically is given to an individual who has enhanced the lives of America’s seniors through clinical leadership, policy, vision, and by superior example. We believe Dr. Block, pictured right, who died in October 2013 of brain cancer at the age of 62, would support our decision to memorialize these health care professionals who succumbed to the virus.

Do you know of a colleague or loved one that we should include in our memorial? Please email Editorial Director Ilene MacDonald by June 26 with the subject line 2020 Block Award and provide the following information:

  • First and last name of deceased health care worker
  • Age
  • Profession and specialty of the deceased
  • Name and location of the health care organization where the deceased worked
  • Optional: Photo of the deceased
  • Optional: A description of the deceased
  • Your email address (for follow-up if needed)