February 25, 2019

7:00AM – 7:30AM
Early Riser Session Registration and Networking Breakfast

7:30AM – 9:00AM

Publication Planning 101 – Bootcamp for Newcomers to Publication Management, Compliance and Planning

  • Explore the foundations, basic building blocks and best practices for trouble-free publication project execution; set yourself up to be successful from the start.
  • Discuss the GPP & ICMJE publication guidelines and how they relate to a compliant publication.
  • Explore publication timelines and project managements organizational essentials
  • Create a road map for your publication strategy


Val Injev, MBA, P.E., Global Medical Publications Lead 

Alcon Vision LLC  

8:00AM – 9:00AM
General Session Registration and Networking Breakfast

9:00AM – 9:10AM

Welcome Remarks: Conference Chair

Lance Hill, CEO


9:10AM – 9:50AM

State of the Industry: Opportunities for Innovation and Addressing Challenges Coming Down the Pike

  • Identify the fundamentals of scientific & medical publications 
  • Examine publication enhancement trends 
  • Discuss the future of scientific & medical publications


Burnedette Rose Hill, Deputy Director, Scientific & Medical Publications 

Sanofi Pasteur 

9:50AM – 10:30AM

Creating a Collaborative Publications Process

  • Explore the gaps in communication that adversely affect publications teams
  • Discuss how technology and process are improving outcomes
  • Review case studies of how teams have changed their approach to publications strategy and development


Lance Hill, CEO


10:30AM – 11:00AM
Networking Break

11:00AM – 11:45AM

When Does a Difference Make a Difference? Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Effect Sizes (But Were Afraid to Ask)

  • Understand the difference between statistical significance and clinical relevance
  • Discuss the difference between relative and absolute effect sizes
  • Be able to recommend the inclusion of specific effect size measures for manuscripts that report clinical data


Leslie Citrome, MD, MPH, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral SciencesNew York Medical CollegeEditor Emeritus, International Journal of Clinical Practice 

11:45AM – 12:30PM

A Dose of Our Own Medicine: Understanding the Principles and Evidence Behind Effective Communications

  • Examine the research on effective communications performed by other disciplines
  • Consider a framework by which this research may be effectively and ethically applied to medical writing
  • Appreciate how publications enhancements and other development in our field can be best applied based on this evidence


Brian Falcone PhD, Executive Vice President 
Oxford PharmaGenesis Inc. 

12:30PM – 1:30PM
Networking Lunch

1:30PM – 2:15PM

HEOR Integration into a Publication Plan – How do you Bring it all Together?

  • Summarize key challenges and success factors in planning and execution – gain useful lessons learned from case examples
  • Go beyond traditional clinical materials – care pathways are more than just MDs
  • Align planning efforts alongside HEOR – bringing in stakeholders early on
  • Keys to achieving HEOR integration without a dedicated HEOR group


Iwona Bucior, Director of Medical Communications


2:15PM – 3:00PM

Digital Innovation in Publications: Impact of Digital Media on Information Consumers

  • Better understand various audiences, beyond clinicians/MDs (consider nurses, PAs, pharmacists, payers, patients and caregivers) and how they prefer to receive education
  • Examine what digital enhancements innovations are out there and discuss how to link ROI 
  • Identify ways to decide what publication data type is best suited for digital technology


Jamie Weiss, PhD, Associate Director of US Neuroscience Publications           


3:00PM – 3:30PM
Networking Break

3:30PM – 4:10PM

Needed It Yesterday? Best Practices for Delivering Simultaneous Publications on Expedited Timelines

  • Examine case studies that show coordinated efforts to complete a primary presentation and a journal publication for medical conferences in an expedited fashion
  • Discuss how internal and external stakeholders can coordinate to achieve targeted goals
  • Identify best practices for collaborating with external vs internal medical writers on expedited timelines


Matt Blahna, Senior Manager, Medical Communications 

Seattle Genetics 


Wendi Schultz, Manager Medical Communications 

Seattle Genetics 


Candice Willmon, Associate Director, Medical Communications, Medical Affairs 

Seattle Genetics 

4:10PM – 5:00PM

Exploring The “Grey Zone” Of Publications

  • Authorship changes during publication development
  • Author consent and study report” documentation”
  • Initiating publication development without an author consent
  • Payments and reporting; Sunshine Act, etc.


Val Injev, MBA, P.E.,  Global Medical Publications Lead  

Alcon Vision LLC

5:00PM – 6:00PM

Networking Cocktail Reception & Champagne Roundtables

Discuss hot button topics in an open forum with industry peers. These will be 20-minute moderated roundtables with the ability for attendees to rotate to different topics. Champagne to be served and lively discussion is encouraged.



  1. Examine the Potential Advantages and Disadvantages of Preprints in Medical Publishing – Brian Falcone PhD, Executive Vice President, Oxford PharmaGenesis Inc.
  2. Publication Metrics – Best Approaches to Quantifying the Impact of Your Publication – Chirag Shah, PharmD, Strategic Publications & Medical Education Lead, Neurocrine Biosciences
  3. Pros and Cons of Open Access - Ashwini Dhume, Director, Publications, Taiho Oncology, Inc.
  4. Approaches to Competitive Intelligence - Khody Farahmand, PharmD, Director Head of Medical Communications, Neurocrine Biosciences

February 26, 2020

8:00AM – 9:00AM
Registration Open

8:00AM – 9:00AM

Breakfast Breakouts

Mix and mingle with peers in the publication planning industry over coffee and topical discussion. The goal of these roundtables is to meet new peers your industry and discuss solutions to challenges within the publication planning industry.


  • Small & Midsized Organizations – Doing More with Less - Ashwini Dhume, Director, Publications, Taiho Oncology, Inc.
  • Women in Publication Planning - Aparna Shetty, Senior Medical Writer, Science Communications and PublicationsNatera 

9:00AM – 9:10AM

Opening Remarks: Conference Chair

Lance Hill, CEO  


9:10AM – 10:00AM

Words Matter: Insights from a Patient Advocate - How to Involve Patients in Medical Publishing

  • How to best communicate with the patient community to drive the best results
  • Buzzwords that repel or engage the patient community
  • How to encourage participation and maintain an open dialog

Shasta Rayne Harner, Vice President, Chronic Illness Advocacy & Awareness Group

10:10AM – 11:00AM

Panel: Explore Advocacy in Publishing: Patients as Authors and the Use of Patient Lay Summaries

  • Examine the evolution of the patient voice as it relates to the publication process, when to involve the patient perspective in the product lifecycle, compliance regulations and effects on medical affairs as a whole
  • Hear perspectives on patient lay summaries – how are companies publishing these, and where does it cross the line for promotional?
  • Discuss the emergence of patient advisory boards and how organizations are incorporating direct patient feedback in manuscript development
  • Explore the possibility for patient involvement in medical publications as co-authors and journal reviewers



  • Kelly Soldavin, Medical Editor, Taylor & Francis Group



  • Shweta Rane, PhD, ISMPP CMPP, Director of Global Scientific Communications, Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc
  • Lisa DeTora, Associate Professor and Director of STEM Writing, Hofstra University
  • Amanda Greene, Patient Activist, LA Lupus Lady
  • Jamie Weiss, PhD, Associate Director of US Neuroscience Publications, Novartis
11:00AM – 11:30AM
Networking Break

11:30AM – 12:15PM

Publisher Panel: Trends in Scientific Dissemination and Article Acceptance

Back by popular demand, editors gather to share their insights and answer Q&A from the publisher’s perspective.

  • Uncover what journals look for in terms of article acceptance and how to manage expectations with turnaround time
  • Discuss the impact of digital enhancements
  • Review publishing trends for 2020 and beyond



Lisa DeTora, Associate Professor and Director of STEM Writing, Hofstra University 



  • Meghan Jendrysik, PhD, Editor, Elsevier
  • Kelly Soldavin, Medical Editor, Journal of Medical Economics, Taylor & Francis Group 
  • Gordon Muir-Jones, President, Porterhouse Medical US

12:15PM – 1:00PM

CASE STUDY: Identifying Predatory Journals and Conferences: Looking Past the List

  • Hear a case study and avoid succumbing to a predatory journal with tips to avoid the traps
  • As a result, hear learnings on how to look past the editorial board and examine the publisher’s history as well as impact factors and how were they calculated


Shweta Rane,PhD, ISMPP CMPP, Director of Global Scientific Communications

Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc

1:00PM – 2:00PM
Networking Lunch

2:00PM – 2:30PM

CASE STUDY: Current Methods and Best Practices to Ensure Error Free Publications

  • Know that the incidence of errors across published medical literature is a high and pervasive issue
  • Understand why the incidence of errors is a major issue for medical publication professionals
  • Learn about tools and techniques that can help reduce, and potentially eradicate, the incidence of errors and improve overall quality of medical publications


Stephen Douthwaite, President 


2:30PM – 3:20PM

Panel: Has the Pendulum Swung on Authorship?

  • Examine who should really be considered an author – industry, medical writers, vendors, etc.
  • Discuss the ethics and integrity of authorship
  • Review authorship roles and work streams across companies and why that matters



  • Donna Simcoe, MS, MS, MBA, CMPP, Medical Publication Consultant, Simcoe Consultants
  • Susan Nastasee, MS, ISMPP, CMPP, Associate Director, Publication Advisor, Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Lisa DeTora, Associate Professor and Director of STEM Writing, Hofstra University 
  • Lynne Gordon, MPH, CMPP, Senior Director, Scientific Publications and Medical Affairs,Theravance Biopharma
  • Samantha Rose, Senior Manager of Global Medical Communications, Allergan

3:20PM – 3:30PM

Closing Remarks & Key Takeaways : Conference Chair

Lance Hill, CEO