The study will focus on those who have experience in the Medicare Advantage (MA) market and influencing physician performance.

Sherry Miller, CHC, CHPC, CPC, CRC, CEMC, a longtime health care compliance professional and doctoral student with the Colorado Technical University, is seeking six participants for her research entitled, “Strategies leaders need to overcome obstacles to improving provider Medicare Advantage performance: A qualitative study.”

Miller intends to explore factors that influence health care leaders in the attempt to improve the risk adjustment financial performance of physicians in the Southern California managed care environment.

Selected participants will be asked to take part in 45- to 60-minute interviews that explore successful strategies and barriers to improvement. Miller says interviews will be scheduled at the convenience of participants and can be held remotely.

“The purpose of the interviews is to understand from the perspective of administrative leaders within health care, what are incentives that have worked, how are clinical leaders helping, what has been successful, and what do you think the biggest barriers are. It’s more from the lived experiences and understanding from their own personal perspective,” she says. 

Leaders don’t necessarily have to be physically located in Southern California. However, they must have influence in the Southern California market.

If you are interested in participating, please take this short survey or email Miller at