The award-winning former TV news anchor and reporter broke through Hollywood, paid her dues in television, and created her own business and signature coaching program YOU, Amplified!®. Angela Chee will share life lessons and tips for leaders to own their voice and power at The RISE National Women in Health Care Leadership Summit, October 29-30, a virtual event.

As a young Asian girl raised by immigrant parents, Chee was encouraged to be respectful, quiet, and avoid rocking the boat, she says. From an early age, she admired television news anchors and aspired for a similar outlet to share a message. “It wasn’t about being on TV; it was about giving people a voice,” she says.

Chee went on to work for the top TV markets in California, host shows for E! Entertainment and HGTV, help launch Entertainment Tonight in China, and make various appearances in film and TV. After more than 20 years of media experience, she made a career shift to teach others how to embrace leadership with power and presence. “I went through a process of reinvention of what I stand for, what I want to put out into the world, and how I want to make an impact. I love being a journalist, but it was about telling other people’s stories. And now it’s about how I can awaken other people to tell their own story,” she says.

Often, people’s own inner barriers interfere with how they own their voice and power, says Chee. “I truly believe that we already have everything we need to succeed, but we need to discover it and amplify it.”

An important turning point for Chee was the realization that what seemed like an obstacle throughout her life was a strength. Chee frequently felt like the only one as the only Asian girl in school, the only Asian TV reporter at a station, and the only female Asian speaker, she says. Rather than let it hold her back, Chee saw it as an opportunity to challenge stereotypes, break barriers, and carve her own path. “I’ve always been an ‘only,’ and I find power in that,” she says.

Chee wants other “onlys” to discover the same power. “While I believe the culture and the conversation need to shift, which it has been in the last few years, it’s not something that’s going to happen overnight,” she says. “So, how can we find the power of being the ‘the only’ while still shifting the conversation and the culture but not waiting for it?”

Chee will share her five principles to find the power of “The Only” during her keynote presentation during The RISE National Women in Health Care Leadership Summit.

Stepping into your leadership is a process of personal and professional growth, says Chee. The deeper level of work not only helps you reach your goals, but it leads you to your bigger purpose, she says. “How are you going to put yourself out there in the world and live your legacy, not just leave it?”

Editor’s Note: Chee will deliver her keynote, “The Power of “The Only”-Breaking Barriers and Redefining Leadership,” at 10:05 a.m. on Thursday, October 29, the first full day of the virtual summit. Click here to see the full agenda.