Engaging your members in their health is easier said than done. Members move, prioritize other “to-dos” over wellbeing activities, and frequently ignore communications. Traditional communication channels, like direct mail, tend to treat all members the same while using significant staff and financial resources, and delivering limited results. But there’s good news! You can increase member engagement rates and optimize your communications by combining advanced analytics and multi-channel communications.

Here are three proven ways to improve engagement with hard-to-reach members while also saving valuable resources.

1. Collect, store and use member preferences.

Most plans have a number of different departments clamoring to communicate with members. This isn’t just overwhelming for consumers. It makes it harder to track current contact information and communications preferences.

You can become more efficient (and increase response rates) by taking a more strategic approach to connecting with members. Start by asking members how they want to receive information and documenting those preferences in a centralized, TCPA-compliant system. Having a single tool that houses the best contact information and preferred channel for every member ensures all departments can access preference data and leverage it to deliver more personalized messages using a more cost-effective communications mix.

PROOF POINT: National Health Plan used targeted member outreach to close 48% of its diabetes gaps in care


2. Integrate analytics to better understand your members.

Claims and clinical data only provides a sliver of insight into your population. Broaden your understanding of members by layering in consumer data, like a member’s level of education, household location and means of transportation. Using advanced analytics that leverages consumer data provides a deeper understanding of the individual’s likelihood to respond to communications and by what means. Reduce costs and improve engagement by accurately targeting your communications to the members who are most likely to be receptive.

PROOF POINT: Regional Health Plan uses advanced analytics to pinpoint target audience and increase membership


3. Use multi-channel communication tactics to increase engagement (without breaking the bank).

Armed with correct contact information and deep member insights that predict a member’s response, organizations can drive cost-effective engagement outcomes by delivering the right message, to the right person, at the right time, through the right channel. For example, aligning with a member’s preference to receive text messages can improve the chances they will take action, while also saving postage and creative costs for a direct mailer.

PROOF POINT: Targeted SMS outreach increased engagement for hard-to-reach members


Using one or all three of these strategies to improve your member communications strategy can deliver fast and meaningful results. Schedule a demo to learn how Welltok can help you improve member communications in just a few weeks.