Frequently Asked Questions

What is the basic format of the webinar?

Typically, we offer 60-minute live webinars, which include a 50-minute presentation followed by a 10-minute question and answer period with the audience. Adjustments can be made based on the need of the Community Partner. 


What is a dry-run?

A dry run is a preliminary meeting that takes place with all panelists to provide an overview of what can be expected during the webinar and review the webinar platform. The dry run will be scheduled one or two weeks prior to the live webinar depending on the availability of panelists.


Will I receive a copy of the webinar recording?

Yes, we will send the webinar recording and slide deck within a 48-hour period after the webinar takes place.


Will I receive any supplemental materials after the webinar? If so, how long will that take?

In addition to the webinar recording, you will receive a copy of the polling results or any other feedback received, a copy of the Q&A session during the webinar and a list of attendees/registrants of the webinar within a 24-hour period after the webinar.


Can other competitors that are registered for my webinar be removed from the registration list?

Employees of competing organizations can be removed from your webinar upon your request if they are a Community Partner of The RISE Association. Employees of competing organizations that are not RISE Association Community Partners will be allowed to attend the webinar. Please note that all webinar recordings are housed in the RISE Association Member Portal, so even if community partner competitors are not on the live webinar, they will have access to the recording.


How long will it take to get my webinar up on your website?

You can expect the webinar website to be live within one week of receiving the completed marketing form and the additional items that are needed (short bios and headshots from all of the speakers).


What marketing materials can I expect to receive and when will I receive the materials to promote my webinar?

The RISE Association provides a professionally designed image that can be promoted on social media, as well as a link to the webinar website which you can use in your own promotions as you wish. You can expect to receive these within one week after the webinar website is live.


Does the recording go out to registrants of the webinar?  

Yes, we send a copy of the webinar recording and a copy of the webinar presentation within 24 hours of the conclusion of the webinar.


Can employees in my organization attend the webinar for free?

Yes! Professionals employed by the Community Partner organization can join the webinar free of charge.  


What type of promotion is The RISE Association doing for this webinar?

The RISE Association promotes webinars through email marketing to both our RISE Association membership base as well as our broader audience on a weekly basis, posting on social media, and within the member portal and website.


How can I take advantage of signing my employees up for RISE Association membership?

Please download one of the corresponding membership submission forms that matches the level of your Community Partnership. Send the completed form back to and we will add them to the membership database. The process is seamless!


What is the benefit of signing up my employees for RISE Association membership?

In addition to the benefits of Community Partnership, these employees will also be able to take advantage of all RISE Association membership benefits including access to our discussion board, exclusive content including our quarterly newsletter, user groups,  talent hub postings, all webinar recordings, and conference discounts.


What will you do with the speakers’ contact information and bios?

The contact information we request is only used internally to schedule meetings and reach out to speakers. Job titles, names, and bios will be marketed on the webinar website and be used for the RISE facilitator to introduce the speakers during the webinar.


What are seed questions?

These are questions that speakers submit in advance that the facilitator will ask during the question and answer section of the webinar if the audience is shy. Seed questions help engage the audience and make participants feel more comfortable asking questions. On an as-needed basis, our team will ask these questions of the panelists at the end of the webinar to encourage participation.