March 23-24, 2021

A Virtual Seminar

Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance for Beneficiaries
Strategies to Protect Medicare Beneficiaries and Future Entitlement

Join us for 8 hours of virtual content designed to help you best advocate for your beneficiaries. Featuring both theoretical and functional insights from the nation's most qualified specialists, you'll come away from January's virtual seminar with key insights into this rapidly evolving area and the ability to protect Medicare beneficiaries compliantly. 

Virtual Series Key Content Themes:

Mandatory Insurer Reporting
Conditional Payment Resolutions
Medicare Set-Aside Allocations
Real-world Applications

Stay tuned for more information on 2021's virtual seminar! 

Who Should Attend Virtual Seminar

This conference is designed for mid- to senior-level management professionals responsible for Medicare secondary payer compliance and particularly useful for:

  • Plaintiff Attorneys

As well as those working in:

  • Workers' Compensation, Liability and No-Fault Insurance
  • Self-Insured Companies
  • Third Party Administrators

Related attendee job functions may also include:

  • Claims
  • Risk Management
  • Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance
  • Finance
  • Legal

Top Reasons to Attend Virtual Seminar

When you make plans to participate in the RISE virtual seminar on Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance for Beneficiaries, you'll be able to...

  • Analyze best practices when trying to achieve precise reporting to CMS 
  • Successfully collaborate with the CRC and BCRC to resolve conditional payments 
  • Dive into pre- and post- settlement options when resolving conditional payments 
  • Implement best practices when preparing an appeal related to a conditional payment 
  • Use tactics to confirm future interests are achieved and avoid long-term complications